Jab We Met (Part II)

By First Posted: Dec 27, 2007 Thu 6:14 PM

Now before you simple and trusting people jump to the conclusion that A sequel is being planned, let me clarify. We are not talking about "Jab We Met", the movie. We are talking about the real life of Shahid Kapoor. What we are talking about is this interesting piece of information we came across.

Shahid is allegedly very pally with Sania 'tennis' Mirza. And a little birdie tells us that there's some hanky panky that the duo are involved in. Apparently, Shahid and Sania were spotted together in a hotel in Bangalore recently. And after having dinner together, Sania spent some time with Shahid in his room. Although a third person (Shahid's friend) was also present during the dinner, Shahid and Sania seem to be cooking something for sure.

Of course, Shahid denies it all. They are "just friends" and "have met occassionally/socially". Even if that were true, who knows what may brew out of this friendship?

Shahid is a true gentleman and we have all the respect for him. Who wouldn't want to see him moving on in life after his break up with Kareena? Go on Shahid, our best wishes are with you. Whatever you do, your fans will support all your endeavours. Because you are the best!

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