What is the secret of success?

By First Posted: Dec 19, 2007 Wed 9:48 AM

What I the key to success? Controversies! At least in Bollywood… if nowhere else!

Revolutionary stores, big stars, big banners, big stars and their kids … they all seem passé. Today the secret of a hit lies in the scale of controversy it can produce!

Consider the latest flicker, Aaja Nachle. The fact that dancing diva, Madhuri Dixit, is making a comeback after years in a foot tapping flicker didn’t stir people up as much as the controversial song which is said to create caste discrimination!

Before this, there was Om Shanti Om, with a small comic act on Manoj Kumar! Now how would you feel if someone makes a fun of you in front of entire India… and beyond? So, the two khans… Farah and Shahrukh had to apologise to our Bharat Kumar and the film gained popularity even among the inactive segments!

Surprisingly, all the controversies get over in about a week. Even when the song Hare Ram Hare Krishna from Bhul Bhulaiya hurt the religious sentiments of millions… they all forgave the film makers in about a week’s time.

So the film industry seems to have chalked out a simple plan to get a film noticed… without spending on expensive trailers and promotional campaigns! Of course the lead stars as well as the producer-director teams need to be well prepared with the answers to media questions… but that’s a small effort to make considering the big crowd that these controversies pull into the theatres!

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