When Mom Is Trying To Fix You Up With A Guy: Part I

By First Posted: Nov 29, 2007 Thu 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

..and youd rather not be fixed up.

There was a time when people met their spouses at the wedding, for the very first time. All that has changed and our society has opened up quite a lot. So much so that parents encourage their children to meet and date appropriate prospective partners. Many of us have had moms fixing us up with an eligible bachelor. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt.

What do you do if mom is breathing down your back to get together with her friends NRI techie son, and you are seeing this rock-star on the sly? Many a times, for reasons best known to them, gals do not wish to pursue a relationship. If you are in such a situation and you are being forced to date an eligible bachelor, you need not worry, gal. Just go and meet him once. With some help from Memsaab, you can make sure that he never wants to see you again. Here are some tips to make your first date with a guy, the last .

Promptness Is The Key

So you have to be promptly late. Yep, arrive at least an hour late. And if he calls you during that hour, just tell him that you are on your way. This will irritate the hell out of him. Most men think that being late for a date is their prerogative; use this date to teach them otherwise.

So Hes Funny?

After muscles, a sense of humour is what most men covet and are proud of. This guy cannot be very different. So when he tries to crack jokes, just keep a straight face and do not even smile. In fact, analyse all his jokes seriously and give serious replies to them. The realization that you neither have a sense of humour yourself and nor do you appreciate humour when you come across it, may just put him off the dating network for quite some time.

For Once Let The Man Talk

Guys are always complaining that women dont let them talk. So give this guy full responsibility to keep the conversation going. Cmon, you are trying to get rid of himyou owe this to him. So let him keep the ball in his court all through the date. Apart from an occasional Yeah or Hmmm, just keep mum. Let him know that you find him boring and are completely disinterested in what he has to say.

The Cell-Phone Is Your Best Friend

Yes, dont let your phone out of your sight for a single moment. Have a friend call you 34 times while you are on this date. And each time, talk to her/him for at least 10 minutes. And hey, why dont you send some messages to your friends while you are at it? Im already feeling sorry for the poor chap.

There are more tips and suggestions on how to lose a guy on the first date. Memsaab will have more of this good stuff in our second article in this series. Till then, keep making him wait

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