Fitting in a New Life!

By First Posted: Nov 28, 2007 Wed 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

How easy it is to get attached to a place where you spend some of the most beautiful moments of your life... how difficult it is to realise that one day you will have to leave the place and move on...

Some of our fondest memories are associated with our school, where we spend as long as 12 of our formative years! It is difficult not to shed a few tears when we leave our school behind to do our graduation.

College life opens us to a whole new world of fun, friends and teachings. Here too, especially if you have experienced the hostel life, it forms an eternal part of your album of memories!

Then, time arrives when you have to part with your college tooc to move into another place for work or higher studies.

And finally, you get married... you leave your home be a part of another family, another home, even another city or county...

At almost every new step in your life, you need to adjustc new people, new places, neighbours, new friends, new feelings, new excitements and problems come your way. You miss old things and learn new ones; you shed old burdens and tackle new problems.

Sometimes, you may feel like running away to your old life, but with time you learn to embed yourself in your new lifestyle!

So how do you bring yourself to adjust in a new place?

Get busy
If free time reminds you of all that you miss from your old place, engage yourself in work. Take up a job not simply a job that will pass your time, but one that will give work satisfaction satisfaction and happiness!

Join a class or two develop your hobbies into your talents. Do what you enjoy the mostc painting, dancing, singing, gardening, cooking! And if you love chatting, hook on to a messenger to talk to your friends.

Get free
On the contrary, if stress is what is making you fleeing from the new surroundingsc you shed your workload. Your body needs some time to adjust to the new, quite possibly, hectic routine. Talk to your husband or room mates or friends or anyone else you are comfortable with about your stress. Ask them to help you with some of your work. People who have been living in the new place for long will be in a better position to help you out with your problem. And asking for help will, by no means, undermine your potential in front of others or even with your own conscience.

Manage your pocket
If you are living alone in a new city, money management will be an added burden on your head. Keep track of your expenses the way your parents used to monitor yours! Making a weekly or monthly budget greatly helps in controlling your expenditures. And donft forget to include miscellaneous expenses in the budget. Apart form the few unaccountable ones, miscellaneous account will also take care of the money you need to have some fun!

Make new friends
Start building your social life in the new place! Start making general talk to your co-workers and room-mates... share your views and opinions with your colleagues. Participate in office parties and informal get-togethers.

Keep up with the old ones
Donft loose touch with old friends. Make it a point to call one of your friends every weekend. They have been close to you and can be more comforting than the new acquaintances. Share your joys and sorrows with those living far away. And try and make plans to visit them once in a while. These are the little memories that will make your life beautiful wherever you livec

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