Preventing Diabetes

By First Posted: Nov 26, 2007 Mon 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

My friend Vinita winces in pain as she self-administers an insulin shot before each meal. And shes just 28. After all, its not for nothing that India is called the diabetes capital of the world. We have the highest number of diabetes ridden people on earth. It is possible that our gene pool makes us pre-disposed to the risk of getting diabetes. Even our environment might be a factor that goes against us. But the fact remains that our lifestyle today is not conducive for good health. The lazy, sedentary and comfort-focused lives that we live today, expose us to the risk of getting a host of diseases. And diabetes is just one of them.

So are there any preventive measures that will help you reduce the risk? Can diabetes be prevented? Even though there are no surefire ways of preventing diabetes, you can certainly reduce the risk. Heres how

Take care of your daily diet. For an average person, the bulk of diet should be formed by complex carbohydrates. The carbs that you eat should be high in fiber and not refined. Proteins should form around 10-15% of your daily diet. It is better if the proteins come from a low-saturated fat source. Fish, beans, poultry and skimmed milk are good sources for getting such protein.

Cut the fat. Reducing our weight is a great way to prevent diabetes. Statistics reveal that 90% of patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes are over-weight. You should try to stick to your ideal weight. If you are grossly obese, even shedding a few pounds will help in preventing [or at least delaying] diabetes.

Move that ass. This is for all you lazy bugs. Get up and move that fat ass. Getting any form of exercise is very good for you. It will not only help you in keeping your weight in check, but will also prevent diabetes. Research proves that exercising increases the bodys sensitivity to insulin and also helps in controlling glucose levels in the body.

Eat at proper times. Skipping meals, delaying meals, and binging are all very unhealthy habits. Every time you skip breakfast and binge later on in the day, you push yourself a step towards diabetes. That is ho bad such habits are.

Theres no guarantee that you wont get diabetes if you follow a particular lifestyle, but you may be able to avoid it, or at least delay it for a couple of years.

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