Dumping a Mr. Perfection

By First Posted: Nov 25, 2007 Sun 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

All our lives, we keep working for perfection a perfect job, a perfect house, a perfect holiday, a perfect life, a perfect guy but sometimes, or rather, for some, perfection tends to become boring!

So, you are dating this perfect guy (kind, considerate, generous and willing to do just about anything for you) for quite some time now and there are clear indications from his side that it is time for both of you to settle down together!

Hes so perfect; hell make a perfect husband, a perfect friend for life, a perfect son-in-law, a perfect brother-in-law, a perfect father and a perfect life for you! And this is already beginning to sound boring to you!

Do you actually want to dump a perfect guy? Do you want to get rid of perfection, to bring in some spice to your life! You are afraid to seek help from friends because you think they might just laugh at your silly decision! But its not silly for you, is it?

The problem is that nice guys make it really difficult to break up. You cant reason it out anything to him because there is actually nothing that has gone wrong between both of you. But the truth is that you want to dump him, just because things are so perfect between you!

Ok. This maybe the last time you are rehearsing anything before the big day, because things wont be made to be so perfect after this! You dont need to memorise your lines, but you can atleast have an idea of your break-up speech. You can anticipate his responses/questions and think of a few good answers.

Dont play games; speak up, whatever you feel. This will come as a complete shock to him, so be considerate of his feelings. Chances are that he isnt even aware of the problem. It is going to be very difficult for him, but you have to help him out of it!

Be Friends
Try to remain friends still. Your reason of breaking up is not that you have stopped liking him as a person or something wrong has happened to your relationship. So, there is no need to completely sever ties with him. This will also help him get attuned to the circumstances. Yes, it may be awkward for a while, but sooner or later, he too will move on with his life.

Dont Joke
Dont try to make a joke out of the break-up. It may be easy for you, but not for Mr. Perfect. Things are not supposed to end like this for him, without any reason. Laughing away the break-up will upset him to a limit you will not be able to handle!

In short: You will have to be nice with the nice guy till both of you nicely move apart!

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