Is Your Child Under Stress?

By First Posted: Nov 18, 2007 Sun 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

STRESS. This small word has the power to have big and bad effects on us! And this brutal thing leaves no one alone, not even your children!

Today, life is as harsh on your child as it is on you. The only difference is that your kid might not know how to handle the stress it gives! Competition level is shooting up at rocket pace and the poor darlings have to face pressures from all levels and forms of family and friendly relations

The pressure of performance, not only from others but from their own conscience builds stress in them, to a level you can hardly imagine!

You need to understand them, and find out if they are under any kind of stress. A little ignorance may directly lead to depression! The results of which are becoming more and more common these days when they end up hurting themselves!

The best way you can find out about your kids stress level is to check out his/ her sleeping patterns. Is your child taking longer to fall asleep and waking up tired and not well rested?

They may also change their eating patterns. Has your child all of a sudden either lost appetite or has abnormally increased food intake, leading to sudden weight loss or abnormal weight gain?

Check if your child is exhibiting shorter temper, changing moods quickly or exhibiting increased frustration and anger over simple things? Does your child answer back or lose patience when speaking to you?

Watch your childs health. Does your child get sick more often, even if they are minor illnesses like recurring cold? Does your child complain about headaches more frequently than normal or frequent muscle ache and/ or tightness?

Observe you childs habits. Is your child more disorganized than usual? Does your child often show lack of interest in completing or, rather, has increased difficulty in completing tasks whether school work or otherwise? From being sweet and caring, has your child suddenly changed into the opposite? Is your child becoming extremely emotional, sometimes exhibiting melancholic behaviour?

You child might try to distance himself or herself from you or other close people as if putting a barrier in between that is hard for you to penetrate. You need to break through this wall and try and talk to your child to find out what he/ she is going through.

Have a heart to heart talk with your child or seek help before its too late. Dont react like he/ she would expect you to, or your child will again withdraw from you and you will not be able to help him/ her out in any way! Even the most irrational problems have a reason and a solution to it. Remember: in this situation, scolding or making your child realise his/ her mistake is not the solution. This might only make things worse.

You need to be very open-minded, patient and understand your childs situation. Open your heart and let your child feel your love. Above all, its your child that matters to you, isnt it?

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