Langda Tyagi & Dolly In The Real World

By First Posted: Nov 12, 2007 Mon 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Well the story of Shahid-Kareena break up preceded by Saif-Kareena hook up is not news anymore. Its really really really baasa piece of gossip now. So what is newsy about this threesome?

As the new and seemingly happy couple basks in all the media attention it is getting, we hear that theres already some misunderstanding between the two. In a party hosted by the eminent director Farhan Akhtar at the Suburban Club, the hottest couple of the evening, reportedly had a showdown. Saif and Kareena not only argued about something, but also exchanged hot words. Finally Saif asked Bebo to shutup. Bebo angrily retorted that she had left Shahid for him and that he could not speak thus to her.

Well Well Well!!! Seems like Langda Tyagi is not very trustworthy in real life either. From Amrita Singh to Rosa to Bebo to who??? That is the million Dollar question, ladies

On the other hand, apna bechara Shahid is really upset with all this hoopla about Saif and Kareena. Shahid said in an interview that he was also human and he did feel bad when he saw his ex with her current B/F or heard/read stories about them. Poor thing! Hes such a mature, sweet and simple guy. The break up is not really as much his loss as it is Kareenas.

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