Dekho Aar-Paar!

By First Posted: Oct 16, 2007 Tue 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Charu loved biology. But she could not pursue BSc for more than 2 years

Surbhi wanted to become a doctor. But her religion did not allow her to dissect any being

Dissection, although an integral part of Science studies turns out to be quite repulsive, and unbearable for people not just in India, but even beyond!

Japanese scientists have taken the first step towards finding a way out of this! After researching for over two years Japanese scientists have successfully created the first transparent frog that will assist research on genetic developments and cancerous growths.

The half-albino frog with grey eyes, created by matching recessive genes, has transparent skin with its internal organs visible from the outside!

This creation will not only help students understand the body systems but will also give a new dimension to scientific researches! Masayuki Sumida of Hiroshima University has said the transparent frog now makes the on-going research on genetic growth and cancer development possible without dissecting frogs.

Although scientists had created a transparent fish before, the frog is the first four-legged transparent creature.

Unfortunately, the same technique would not apply to other four-legged creatures due to a different nature of skin cells. But creation of the unique frog has opened many possibilities of genetically modifying amphibians, which in future might even be applied to other species.

At present, the good news is that this transparent frog will further advance research into the treatment of cancer and other illnesses. This little frog has brought hope to millions of people seeking both, research into, and cure for, this deadly disease!

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