Why Babies Cry?

By First Posted: Oct 14, 2007 Sun 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

If you are a first time mother, a brand new world is opening for you a world where everything would seem cute and loving and mushy-mushy until your baby starts crying!

They cant speak, they cant point-out, they cant make gestures they can only cry leaving you playing the guessing game with them all the time!

All babies cry sometimes, or others... they have to! Even entirely healthy newborns will cry for about one and three hours each day. Unable to do anything for themselves, babies rely on someone else to provide them with the food, warmth, and comfort that they need. Crying is a babys way of communicating one of those needs.

As a new parent, it can sometimes be difficult to work out what your baby is telling you - is s/he hungry, cold, thirsty, bored, looking for a cuddle? In the early days, when you have not yet learned to work out what your baby needs, this crying may be upsetting. But gradually you will begin recognising your babys different crying patterns and it will become easier to anticipate your babys needs.

As your baby grows, s/he gradually learns other ways of communicating with you. S/he will get better at eye contact, making noises, and even smiling, all of which reduce the need for crying.

Generally, babies cry for a few common reasons. If you have a baby who is difficult to soothe, try finding solutions to these problems:

I need food
Hunger is the most common reason a new baby will cry. When you start feeding, your baby might not stop crying immediately, but gradually will soothe as the babys stomach fills up.

I need comfort
Babies will very sensibly protest if their clothes are too tight or if a soiled nappy is bothering them. Some babies dont seem to mind if their nappies are full - it just feels warm and comfortable to them - while others will call out to be changed immediately, especially if it is causing irritation. Checking your babys nappy and changing regularly will help. It also gives you an opportunity to check that a nappy tab isnt too tight or that there isnt something else about the clothing that is making the baby uncomfortable.

I need to be held
Some babies need a great deal of cuddling and reassurance. An older child may be soothed by seeing you in the room or hearing your voice, but new babies often need close physical contact for comfort. If youve fed your baby and changed the nappy, you may find that she now simply wants to be held.

I need rest
It is easy to assume that babies will fall asleep whenever they need to, wherever they are, simply because so many of them do. However, if your baby has been receiving a lot of attention s/he may have become tired entertaining the amused visitors! Youre your baby somewhere calm and quiet, away from the crowd and noise.

I need something to make me feel better
If youve fed your baby and checked that s/hes comfortable, but is still continuing to cry, you may wonder if s/he is ill or in pain. A baby who is ill often cries in a different tone to her/his usual cry - it may be more urgent or high-pitched. Equally, for a baby who normally cries frequently, an unusual quietness may be a sign that s/hes not well. If you feel that there may be something wrong, take her/him to a child specialist. A doctor will guide you best in this case.

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