Learning Self Defense

By First Posted: Oct 5, 2007 Fri 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

No matter how independent we become, no matter how much people talk about women empowerment and respect for the fair sex, women still are and will always be, vulnerable for the bad, bad world out there

In todays world, learning the tact of self defence is imperative for every woman. So, there can be more in your purse than lipstick to help you get ready for some unforeseen situations.

Protecting the purse itself is more a matter of prevention than anything else. If your purse is clutched to you rather than dangling from a strap, youll be less likely to have someone try to take it from you.

If someone does either grab or demand your purse, give it to him; its not worth risking yourself for whatevers in there! If your purse is large or heavy, you may be able to belt someone with it if you need to, but if you hit someone with your purse, dont be a sissy about it: pack a wallop that will hopefully knock the guy down and preferably out.

Women are often at risk for street crime and sexual assault on a date, partly because muggers dont know how strong and fast women can be, and largely because too many women dont know it either. If youve ever taken a self defence class, youve probably been surprised at just how competently you can defend yourself once you have some encouragement and little bit of training. If you havent ever taken self defence, try it: even if you never need to use what you learn, you will gain confidence and strength; two things would-be bad guys want to avoid in their victims whenever possible!

Most self defence classes begin with the lesson on screaming loudly and running away, which is often the best device in stopping an attack.

If you can, learn the techniques to kick, grab, punch the testicles or to claw the eyes of an attacker. Sometimes because of the way women are trained from childhood, it prevents them from fighting back as affectively as we can, even when our bodies and our lives are at stake. Overcoming the urge to remain still is a large part of becoming effective at self defence, and thus, conflicting emotions is an important part of learning the physical ways to fight back!

As far as possible, carry self defence aids in the form or another such as a stun gun or pepper spray key chain or defence spray pen. Sometimes just knowing you have a useful weapon in your purse can give you an air of confidence that warns bad guys away! When youre walking alone in the dark or going to your car in an unfamiliar or unsafe place, keeping your hand on your pepper spray is one good idea to stay defensive. Even a hardened attacker cant fight the vicious stinging of a pepper spray, and every woman, young or old, fragile or strong, can gain the benefit of time to run away and scream for help.

A little care for your safety and a few more tools in your purses can go a long way to give you a safe and happy life!

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