Dry Skin Solutions!

By First Posted: Sep 10, 2007 Mon 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Normal skin is one thing that is just not normally found in people!

We are either too oily or too dry! Surely oily skin brings with it pimples, sweat and stickiness, but dry skin is no far behind in causing irritation! If you have dry skin, you do not have to be without solution. Just take a little bit of care and youll love the skin you are in! Here are a few tips that will give your skin the charm and glow that you though dry skin can never have

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated; eat a high-quality diet rich in fruits and vegetables; and limit sun exposure.

Wash your face no more than twice a day with a gentle cleanser formulated for dry skin. Washing (with soap) more often takes away the moisture from your skin.

Take short baths or showers and avoid using warm water. Try to limit showers and baths to one per day.

Add a few teaspoons of olive oil or lavender-scented oil to your bath.

Pat your skin dry after washing. Avoid rubbing yourself dry with a towel, which can whisk away essential oils needed for moisture.

Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Moisturizers contain barriers, which keep water on the skin, and water binders, which whisk moisture from the inner layer of skin to the top layer. Look for ingredients such as glycerine, alpha hydroxyl acids, urea and lactic acids (binders), combined with petrolatum, lanolin or silicone derivatives (barriers).

Extreme conditions like too much heat or too much air-conditioning can rob your skin of moisture. Try to avoid that!

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