It is Rakshabandhan ! (I)

By First Posted: Sep 1, 2007 Sat 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Rakshabandhan . The day when a sister ties the raksha ka bandhan on her brothers wrist, taking the promise that he will always protect her. But today the sister is putting up in Mumbai, and her brother is settled in Dubai! None have the time to take a weeks off to visit the other on the special day.

Still, the day is special for both of them. It might not really be a Raksha Ka Bandhan any more, but it is still the bandhan of immense love. They might be talking to each other over the phone, or rather chatting over the webcam every day, but a brother still eagerly awaits the warm love of her sister in the form of Rakhi every year!

So this year let us give our dear Bhaiyas something more than just a Rakhi. Lets give them a token of our love created with our own hands. This time lets make our Rakhis at home! The beautiful creations are not very difficult to make. They require a few raw materials, easily available at your home, and tons of love, without which, the bunch of shinny silk threads can never become a Rakhi.

All you need is:
1. Silk threads (Red preferred otherwise any colour you like).
2. A pair of scissors.
3. Cotton thread to tie knots
4. Beads, sitaras, golden threads and sponge to decorate
5. Good Glue
6. A toothbrush with hard bristles.
7. Any liquid Colour if you like.

Now, lets get down to work:

1. Take approx. 30" long silk thread strands in a bunch. If you want to make different coloured thread, take different coloured thread and combine them together.

2. Tie a tight knot with a cotton thread on the one-fourth part of the thread bunch. The one-fourth part will be converted into a Rakhi with the help of brash and decoration materials and the other three-fourth will be the string to tie around the wrist. Now cut both the end, the 1/4 and 3/4 side of the silk threads with a pair of scissors. Make sure the knot is really tight.

3. Now hold the knot by one hand while the smaller side (1/4th) upward and take the brush. Rub slowly and gently on these threads. Repeat this step until the silk threads turns fluffy and soft. You make dip your brush in liquid colour and brush it to make this more colourful.

4. Now we need to divide the other end into two strings. At the end of the two strings tie a knot and brush the end.

5. Now this is the final step, you can decorate the top as you like. You can place small or medium size circular coloured foil and decorate it with beads or sitaras. Stick them with glue. Or you can cut coloured sponge in attractive shape and decorate it with beads or sitaras. Golden threads or colour Jari can be applied to make it more gorgeous.

See how easy it is to make Rakhis at home! Now you can even say Bhaiya, ye maine apne haathon se banaya hai!. And I am sure your brother(s) will love it!

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