How To Buy Sunglasses?

By First Posted: Sep 1, 2007 Sat 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

They are hep, they are hot. So when going out, forget them not.
Some call them cool, but wearing them in sun is a pucca pucca rule.

Yep! We are talking about sunglasses, the classiest accessory that is also a necessity. Sunglasses not only look cool, but also keep your eyes cool by shading them from the harsh rays of the sun. When you have a harsh climate like ours, wearing sunglasses become even more important.

Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory and can be used to make a style statement of your own. So how do you combine style and utility when buying sunglasses? How do you decide which ones the best for you? Heres how

If You Wear Spectacles: If you already wear spectacles or reading glasses, it might be a good idea to ask your optician to give you a pair with tinted glasses. These are your regular spectacles that are made of a photosensitive glass. The glass reacts to sunlight and changes its color. These will work as your reading glasses/spectacles, and also as a pair of sunglasses when you are in the sun. Some opticians also offer good deals like a free pair of prescriptive glasses with sunglasses.

Protection: The first and foremost thing to consider when buying glasses is your eyes. Sunglasses must look classy, but more importantly they should give maximum protection to your eyes. So go for glasses that give maximum UV protection. (UV rays can damage eyes severely) Opticians usually stock glasses with good protection features. Never go in for cheaper versions coz they do not offer much protection from UV rays.

Size: If possible, go for a pair with a big frame. The reason is simple and quite obvious. Bigger the frame of the glasses, more will be the protection to your eyes. The best pair would be one that has a good sized frame and also looks great on your face.

Design: Sunglasses fail to work as a fashion accessory if they dont look good on you. It is very important to choose the pair that is just perfect for you. When going to buy glasses, take a friend with you as a second opinion is very important here. Try on as many as possible. Choose one that suits your face and body type. If you have a long face, bigger frames are the way to go. Smaller faces usually look better with smaller frames.

Color: Last but not the least, choosing the right color is also very important. You will find glasses in regular and weird colors. Pinks, blues, greens, grays, black, brown, beige, redthe list is endless. Unless you plan to own more than a pair, it is best to stick to conventional colors as they will go with any dress you wear. The color should also be chosen keeping in mind the natural skin tone and hair color.

Remember that you should not have to compromise on looks or security features of the glasses. If you dont find one that seems perfect, leave the shop instead of buying something in consolation. You can also scout online for nice glasses at low prices and good deals.

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