If You Love to Hate Dogs!

By First Posted: Aug 9, 2007 Thu 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

So, your husband loves dogs and you dont. Or is it your brother who has brought the devils home? Whoever it is, now you have to take care of them at least when the dog-lovers are not home!

Follow these guidelines, and make your life better, with your much-hated pet at home. And who knows? You might just start loving them!

Outfit your dog with a collar and ID tag that includes your name, address, and telephone number. No matter how careful you are, theres a chance your new companion may become lost!

Give your dog proper shelter. A fenced yard with a doghouse is a bonus, especially for large and active dogs. However, dogs should rarely be left alone for extended periods of time. They need and crave companionship and should spend most of their time inside with their family!

Take your dog to the veterinarian for regular check-ups. If you do not have a veterinarian, ask your pet-owning friend for a referral.

Give your pooch a nutritionally balanced diet, including constant access to fresh water. Ask your veterinarian for advice on what and how often to feed your pet.

Enroll your dog in a training class. Positive training will allow you to control your pets behavior safely, humanely, and with a much less time and effort wastage. Check out our information on choosing a dog trainer.

Give your dog enough exercise to keep him physically fit (but not exhausted). That will keep it fit and healthy. Because an ill pet is the worst that can happen!

Be patient with your faithful companion. Do not struggle with your pets behaviour. It will take time for you to get used to it. So, let it be do not exert yourself too much for controlling or training it!

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