Is Your child Safe At School?

By First Posted: Aug 8, 2007 Wed 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

The people of Delhi were shocked to read in the papers about a particularly disturbing incident. A 10 year old child was subjected to sexual abuse by three members of staff at his school. The child was sodomized every day for a period of three months, by the school manager, a teacher and another employee of the school.

The parents found out about this physical and mental torture accidentally. When they noticed their child becoming physically and mentally sick, they took him to the hospital for a check up. The doctors confirmed that the child was being sodomized. The trauma that this poor child went through can never be erased from his mind.

This is a shocking incident and also a scary one, especially for people who send their children off to school every morning. First it was the driver, or the peon, or someone else from the lower strata of the society, who would be charged with such outrageous crimes. But now the very people you trust with your childs safety have become a threat. Can we trust anyone at all?

I believe that the media and the technology are also to blame in this issue. We did not hear about such bizarre incidents till a few years back. Why now? Could it be that the attention given to such cases by media, fuels more of them? Does the internet bring out latent and unknown tendencies in people?

The parents need to instill in children a lot of confidence. The child should know that he/she can confide in parents about anything and everything. And you should also take active interest in your childs activities and ask him about his day at school. This will help you notice any change in behavior or demeanor. Spending quality time with you child will make him/her feel loved and protected. So make sure to spend some time with your child on an everyday basis.

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