Menopause And Yoga

By First Posted: Jul 14, 2007 Sat 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Our society is becoming predominantly youth-centric just like the western society. Be it our movies, our advertisements, innovative products, or something else, it is youth that everything panders to. As soon as a woman celebrates her fiftieth birthday, people behave as if she doesnt have a life anymore. She is seen as old and uninteresting. Menopause in our society is viewed as a disease, to be treated with drugs and hormones.

But aisa nahi hai re bachcha log!!! You are as old or as young as you feel. So if you have a middle-aged mom/grandmom or are over 50 yourself, read on. Even 50+ women can have a life, people.

Menopause is not a disease. It is a natural change in your body and its reproductive functions. You dont have to suffer silently the hot flashes or the depression and gloom that overtake your life. Yoga can be of great help in menopausal women. It will help in alleviating the symptoms of menopause and will enrich your life.

Along with a healthy diet and herbal allies, yoga and meditation are essential practices that can ease discomforts that arise in menopausal years. It is proven that yoga has beneficial effects on the endocrine system and assists in balancing the hormonal and glandular changes.

Hot Flashes: Inverted postures such as a restful supported pose with legs on the wall or a more active shoulder stand have a cooling effect on the body and are effective in counteracting and often eliminating hot flashes and night sweats when practiced regularly.

Mood Swings: Forwards bends are known for their calming effects on the mind and the nervous system. They encourage relaxation and help to decrease mood swings and irritability.

Incontinence: Pelvic floor exercises tone and increase circulation to the entire pelvic floor. They can help prevent urinary problems and encourage the health of vaginal and urethral tissue.

Spinal twists and backbends stimulate the kidneys and adrenals and provide alternate sources of estrogen in the body. Soya based diet also provides natural plant-estrogen, which is very helpful in combating the symptoms of menopause.

Yoga And Osteoporosis

Stress has been proven to play a part in osteoporosis. Under stress the blood becomes more acidic and leaches calcium from the bones over time. Yogas stress reducing benefits as well as weight-bearing postures help to create strong bones and can help to prevent osteoporosis. The emphasis in yoga on good postural alignment as well as poses such as spinal twists that hydrate the spine (keeping the discs of the spine supple) help to prevent the loss of height often associated with both stress and osteoporosis.

Yoga has a lot to offer for people in all walks and stages of life. Accept yoga as a way of life. It will make your life stress free, healthy and peaceful. Meditating will help you in relaxing and experiencing tranquility. So find a yoga instructor near you and go for it. Yoga should be done under the guidance of a qualified instructor only.

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