Getting Rid of Mr. Wrong

By First Posted: Jul 9, 2007 Mon 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Galtiyan insaan se hi hoti hai. But now that you have mistaken the Mr. Wrong for your Mr. Right, you dont have to eat the bitter fruit all way long! And who knows, your Mr. Right might just be waiting at you doorstep, waiting for you to get single again! Or have you already spotted him?
In that care, you have to hurry up. So, here are a few ways to hurry up theyll lead nowhere, but towards a natural and mutually accepted break-up!!

Start ending arguments by turning some deeply private secret hes confided to you...against him.

Call him repeatedly. Specially, at the time when hes told you hes busy or sleeping. You can always say, I was missing you sweety! If he doesnt take your call, leave a message. If he doesnt call back, email him. If he doesnt return your email, fax him a funny little joke. If he still doesnt call, drop by his office and surprise him with a "cute" card. If hes not at his office, drive to his house, wait for him at his front door.

Ask him at least once a week, "So, where do we stand?" Or, if you prefer a more dramatic scrotum-tightener, ask, "So, where do we stand as a couple?"

Every time he makes a joke, roll your eyes and say, "Very funny. Ha ha ha!"

Count the number of days since the last time you saw him. Get so freaked-out about the number of days since the last time you saw him, spend all the time when you actually see him telling him theres been too much time since the last time you saw him and you think hed see you more often if he only got to know the "real" you.

He may not want to know about the real you, but never mind. Keep telling him about the real you anyway. Chase him down the street if necessary, claw at his trousers if you must, but by all means, keep telling him all about the real you.

Ask him about his "personal feelings concerning the relationship" while hes watching the final over of the world cup final. If he doesnt hear you, snap off the TV and hurl the remote out the window.

Nag. Day in and day out, about everything to do with you relationship this includes shopping for you dress and accessories for the next Valentines Day!

Make complicated plans for the two of you to spend lots and lots and lots of time with your parents.

When hes conducting an important client presentation, call him with an "emergency." When he comes on the line, tell him excitedly that your psychic just told you that you and he were married in you last janam, and that youre destined to be together forever and ever and ever!

Never tell him he makes you happy.

Make him take the quizzes in womens magazines.

Tell him oh! How cute he is, whenever you see even an average looking guy.

Spend as much time with your hair and makeup as you need...particularly when hes waiting in the car to take you to dinner.

And finally, Never let him miss you you know what I mean, right?

Well, I think this will be more than enough for you to get rid of him! Have a nice break up!;)

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