Why Sweet Relationships Turn Sour? (Part II)

By First Posted: Jun 21, 2007 Thu 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Knowing that you have a problem is actually winning half the battle. Na na dahling, the battle is not with your hubby! We are talking of the battle of surviving relationship turbulence. Realising the problem while it can still be solved is the best thing that could happen to any forever fighting couple.

In our previous article in this series, we discussed Drifting Apart and Physical Distancing as two main reasons for couples losing the spark in their relationship. In this article we take the discussion further and bring out other issues that may be rocking the boat you and your partner are sailing in. Read on and learn how to deal with these issues and make sure that you sail safely.

Setting Priorities: In India, when two people get married, it is still an amalgamation of two families. A woman marries the whole family of her in-laws and not just her husband. While the expectations from an Indian bahu have not changed, the couples expectations from each other have certainly grown. We now want the romance and obvious love shared by Western couples. All these expectations lead to confusion and women fail to set boundaries and priorities.

Sexual Distancing: This is one of the earliest symptoms o a marriage going wrong. But this is also the easiest to handle. Putting aside all embarrassment, the couple must discuss expectations and ways of improving the sex life. When sex becomes routine and automated, the wife experiences feelings of rejection. On the other hand, the husband perceives a lack of interest from his wife. Ultimately both cool off and the relationship suffers more. Communication is the key here. So Talk Talk and Talk about things.

Lifestyle Driven Coldness: This is by and large the most common cause of relationship problems in young couples today. Where both the partners are involved in their individual careers, the quality time spent together is lesser. More so when the husband fails to chip in for the household chores and share responsibilities of kids. The wife experiences extra pressure and may resent it. In such situations, one or both the spouses may be too tired to express love, appreciation or interest in physical bonding. Such situations may lead to cheating and infidelity. Even emotional infidelity can wreck a relationship. So taking out time for each other is the most important thing if you wish to remain blissfully married.

We hope you are now armed with many ideas on how to make sure that your relationship lasts a lifetime and beyond. After all Forewarned is forearmed.

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