What color are you wearing today?

By First Posted: Jun 15, 2007 Fri 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Wearing Red coz he loves it?

The color you are wearing today, or any day, is more than just a shade in the spectrum. It is an extension of your personality and may have deeper connotations than you think. Different colors have different meanings in different cultures, and at different times. Bole to how you are perceived at a first meeting with someone may be influenced by the color you wear. So read on, and learn how to strike the right impression with the right colors.

Black & Grey : These colors signify seriousness, somberness, authority, elegance, practicality and mourning. These colors are great for formal/office attire. No wonder the school principal always wore gray suits!!!

Brown & Beige : Earthiness, warmth, somber, homecoming, natural, useful. Not the color for a hot date gal!!!

Green : Natural, peaceful, healthy, fresh, growth, renewal, spring and jealousy. Ummmmmm Nothing like a nice green dress to make all the women jealous???

Pale/Sky Blue : Calm, cool, clean and fresh. Wear this when you want to impress your prospective in lawsHe He He

Dark/Navy Blue : Seriousness again, along with a scholarly, academic or analytical impression. It is also the most royal color on the spectrum. Another great color for office wear. Are you eyeing the boss chair? This color will set the right impression!

Orange : Warm, exciting, energetic, fun, cheerful, and dangerous. Great for partying.

Pink : Feminine, soft, babyish, innocence, cute. Its the best Catch A Husband color!!!

Purple & Violet : Royal, dignified, sophisticated and mysterious. When you want to give someone the royal ignore, this is your color.

Red : Passionate, assertive, aggressive, angry, intense, heroic. Great for hot dates.

Yellow : Sunshine, happy, illuminated, cheerful, positivist and healthy. When you wish to win over an artistic/emotional guy

White : Purity, cleanliness, mourning in Hindu culture, truthfulness and youthfulness. This one is an all rounder. Great for summers, cool, sober and a good choice when you cannot decide!!!

Whatever colors you choose, you should also know how to mix and match your colors. Dont mix two very contrasting colors as they would appear to vibrate. Just like the marriage of apna anurag Basu and Komolika behenji. Similarly, too similar colors mixed together can appear to be washed out.

Sometimes contrasting/clashing colors go well together, but not for formal wear. Keep all that clashing for the casual wardrobe. When dressing for work, keep it simple, basic and (to an extent) conservative. Dont give your boss the impression that your are lusting after him!!! No matter which colors you choose, be your vibrant self and dont forget to wear that SMILE!

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