How To Raise Confident Kids?

By First Posted: Jun 14, 2007 Thu 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Children perpetually look up to parents and teachers as role models. Mere papa itne strong hain and other comparisons are a result of this looking up to. People often complain that kids these days are becoming more and more unmanageable. Parents find it unnerving that their children wont obey them. Arrey baba, zamaana badal gaya hai. Kids today are much smarter than we used to be in their age.

If you want to raise a self-confident child, you have to steer clear of the discipline approach. Giving your child a list of dos and donts is not enough. Anything that you say or show through your actions will be etched forever in the young minds and will consequently shape behavior of your child. So try to communicate in a positive way and always be encouraging towards your children. Here are some tips on how to raise confident children:

Be Appreciative: Always remember to point out your childs strengths and achievements. Positive communication and appreciation will go a long way in shaping the young mind.

Shift The Focus Away From Weaknesses: Even when you have to point out a weakness, try to do it with positivism. For e.g. if your child has mis-spelt some words in an assignment, you could say: I love your handwriting and the neatness with which you have done the assignment. Now let us work on your spellings.

Give Children More Responsibilities: When you give your child a real responsibility, you are sending out a message that you trust her and expect responsible behavior. This gives the child a feeling of I can do it.

Encourage Self-Appreciation: When you appreciate something your child does, you show your faith in her abilities. But if you want to encourage self-confidence, you have to encourage her to appreciate herself. You can do this by saying something like: Thats a beautiful painting. What do you think about it? And let her point out what likes about her drawing.

Reiterate Your Faith And Confidence: Express your confidence in your childs abilities more often. I know you can do it is a good way of introducing your child to new challenges.

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