Wanna Look Slimmer?

By First Posted: Jun 12, 2007 Tue 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

So, you have been torturing your tummy for over six months now? Or have you been overexerting you delicate body in the gym for the weekend party? Do you feel that all the sweat and tension just dosent seem to take away any fat from that rounding figure?

Looking slimmer is not as difficult as actually being so is! Here is a little guide that will help you find temporary solutions to a rather permanent problems. So you do not have to find excuses for the weekend celebrations during the time you are trying to slim down which I am afraid, takes a longer time than expected!

1. Choose clothing all in one color to give yourself a long, lean look.
Generally speaking, long is slim. When you wear two strikingly different shades on the upper and the lower parts of your body, they seem to divide your figure into two halfs. And you look shorter and plumber! So a single colour clothing, preferabley in a darker shade is the right thing!

2. Wear black. It gives a look that is especially slimming.
As I said, choose a color in a darker shade, so black is certainly the best choice. It is called the sexiest colour for some reason! Maroon and deep blue are also good choices, to add some vibrance in the attire.

3. Try to avoid shapeless clothing.
No one is fooled, and loose clothes often make you appear wider or heavier. They are good for people from whom slimness screams out! For you, a nice shaply gown will give a nice curvy shape to your figure. It is the best way you can transform your plumbness into sexy curves! ;)

4. Avoid tight clothing that will emphasize your heavy areas.
Remember, there is a difference between shapely and tight! Tight makes you bulge out! Particularty avoide tight fittings at the heavy areas. So, the conclusion is, choose softly tailored pieces that define but dont constrain. They will give you the shape but will not overemphasise on your body.

5. Steer clear of horizontal stripes, but consider vertical stripes
A simple rule of geometry - horizontal stripes will make you appear wider. You dont want people to measure your waist, do you? On the other hand, vertical stripes will adore your long figure, making you look leaner.

6. Wear blocks of color that draw the eye away from less-than-perfect areas.
Wear a red shell or royal blue jacket, for example, to draw attention away from your legs. You can aslo try wearing shoulder pads and wide necklines to balance wide hips.

7. Choose pants that have narrow or tapered legs to hide a large midsection.
Flat-front pants and side or back zippers will flatter your figure, while pockets, pleats and tight pants will only draw attention to your midsection.

Beauty is not just skin deep because no mattter how thick your skin might be, it can always look more beautiful with a little use of brains! Just a small piece of extra tip:

Always stand up straight. Good posture will greatly enhance your look!

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