Breakfast Like A Queen!!!

By First Posted: May 30, 2007 Wed 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Before we got married, my husband promised to treat me like a queen and to provide me breakfast in bed every Sunday. Of course, all that was more a work of fiction and less of an indication of what I could really expect. But nevertheless, all of us need to fuel our bodies with a queen-sized breakfast every morning. How else can we fight the battles of life? Saas se ladai, nanad ki pitai, miyaan ko patti padaana, devar ko aag lagana

When you break your fast every morning, you give a bada boost to the thakele energy levels of your body. If we skip breakfast, we are likely to become thake hare when our brains and bodies run low on fuel. By mid-morning, a lot of us grab a cup of coffee, or wolf down a sugary candy bar to wake up again. This might work for a few minutes, but by lunchtime we are hungry and irritable. So if you find your husband going off someplace mid-morning, every Sunday, you know whats to blame!!! Arre baba! Sadeli biwi ke taane sun ne se accha hai kisi dost ke saath babes discuss karna!!!

Skipping breakfast to fight obesity:

Many people believe that skipping breakfast will make them lose weight. Your body needs to be refueled a few times a day. Unless you provide your body with this much needed energy, your blood sugar level will go down and soon you will be craving for something sweet. (See, this is how you get Diabetes!!!) You will end up making unhealthy choices for snacking in the mid-morning, or at lunch (if you force yourself to wait).

Ideas for healthy breakfast:

Much as we all love Aloo puri, chana bhatura, aloo parathas, mooli parathas, gobi parathas etc, we can gorge on them only once in a while. For daily breakfast, we have to choose something thats healthy and nutritious. Here are some ideas:
A low-calorie muesli (no added sugar or salt) or a high fibre cereal - such as Weetabix or Shredded Wheat with semi skimmed or skimmed milk. Add some fresh fruit - a sliced banana or dried apricots or some honey to add natural sweetness.
Hard-boiled eggs, a fruit and milk/soy milk.
A fresh fruit salad will provide a slow release of energy to get you through until lunchtime and also give you a healthy top up of vitamins and minerals. You can make a dressing of fresh yogurt or honey.
Whole-wheat toast with scrambled eggs and juice.
Oatmeal cooked in milk and sweetened with honey and sprinkled with nuts.
Sprouts with a fruit-and-milk smoothie.

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