To Gift... or Not to Gift!

By First Posted: May 29, 2007 Tue 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Wondering what to gift your guy? I know... sometimes it is so difficult to think of a nice gift for your man! As it is only one-tenth of the market contains stuff for men and then you have to think of something that is thoughtful and of his liking!

No worries! Here is something that might help you plan a nice gift for your guy

If youve been together a month: Think small
Stick with wine, books, CDs or something close to that. These gifts are thoughtful without being too personal. Give him something he can use without you that way hell remember you when you are not around and you wouldnt look too needy either. Early on in a relationship, its important that you buy something your guy would use, not something that you would like him to use.

If youve been together three to six months: Confirm your commitment
At this stage, consider giving your guy something that would be significant to the two of you as a couple. Consider things that are really meaningful or things that the two of you can do together, such as a surprise outing or even just reservations at your citys hottest restaurant.

If youve been together about a year: Make it meaningful
A really heartfelt gift will express your deepening feelings fo him. Enlarge and frame a happy photograph of the two of you, or write a nice poem or a story about your honey and have it bound. And remember: More meaningful does not necessarily mean more money!

If youve been together for a few years: Anything goes!
When your relationship is in the solid and sustained phase, no gift is out-of-bounds. You can go as extravagant as a trip to a tropical paradise or as mundane as a power tool or water filter. The only important thing is that the gift be something he really loves. You can even ask your partner what he wants to receive if you feel like. It completely depends on the kind of relation you share with him.

With every gift you give, you too get a gift in return: His smiling eyes as he unveils the gift... so at any point of time, before buying a gift, just ask one question to yourself, "what is that one thing that will make his eyes smile?". Youll get your answer!

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