Contact Lens Must-Knows (Part I)

By First Posted: May 25, 2007 Fri 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Who doesnt want to look hot and exciting? Especially when you know that just two pieces of glass or plastic can transform you from a simple black eyed kanya to a green/blue/gray/(whatever you may want) eyed Menaka who can rob any Vishwamitra of his concentration

You can have Ashwariyas eyes or Ashley Judds. In fact, you can have anyones eyes that you want! You dont need to carry the scholarly (read bespectacled) look anymore. Isnt that what you called it, to make it seem less bad than it was? Anyways, contact lenses have transformed the way we see the world, and also the way the world sees us! Millions of men and women use contact lenses worldwide, to enhance vision or to enhance looks. But whatever the reason for wearing contacts, one must know how to take care of contact lenses and of the eyes that wear them.

Remember your eyes are the most sensitive sensory organs of your body. They are also very important. You cannot afford to go lax on the eye/contacts care ever. So heres a checklist of what you should not do with your eyes and the lenses.

You Should Never

Use tap water, distilled water or homemade saline solution in your lens care routine. Eye-damaging microbes can survive in all these forms of water, so these are a big NO NO!

Mix different brands of lens cleaning solutions.

Let any creams, sprays or other cosmetic products touch your lenses.

Use saliva to moisten or lubricate lenses.

Wear lenses while swimming / in hot tub / while sleeping or napping.

Wear lenses for a duration longer than what has been prescribed by your eye doctor.

Share lenses with anyone else. So no borrowing (or lending) cosmetic lenses, no matter how pretty they make you look.

Keep the lenses in the bathroom cabinet or in the washbasin or any other place thats humid or wet. Microbes love warm and humid environment, so keep your lenses out of their reach.

Become kanjoos when using the lens solution. The bottle is pricey, but eyes are priceless!!!

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