What To Look For While Buying A Crib

By First Posted: May 13, 2007 Sun 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

A baby in the family heralds the beginning of an era of shopping. There are so many things the baby needs. From the jhoola to the walker, there are endless things you need to buy. One of the important ones is a crib. So whether you are buying a crib for your precious baccha, or planning to gift one to the padosi, you need to know the basics.

Like anything else you buy for a baby, the crib should measure up to high safety standards. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose:

The first step involves talking to your friends and relatives who have had experience in buying cribs. They would be able to tell you about what are the good features in certain cribs and may be able to refer you to a good retailer. And if you are lucky, you might get a hand me down. That saves you time, effort, money and of course, the trouble of reading further.

The mattress in a crib should be fitted in such a way that it snugly fits in with all the sides of the crib. The space between the slats in the crib should not exceed 2 3/8 inches in width so that the babys head does not get caught between them.

The height of the mattress should be adjustable. It should be at its highest point till the time the baby can sit up on its own. After the baby is able to sit up, the mattress should be lowered. When the baby is able to pull herself up using the slats it should be lowered again. The point is that the height of the mattress should be safe enough for the baby when she is able to pull herself up.

If a crib that interests you has a side that slides down for easy placement and removal of the baby, then you should test it out. The side should slide down smoothly and effortlessly. The mechanism that allows the side to fall down should not be accessible to the baby. Kahin aisa na ho, ki aapka baccha khud hi ghoomne nikal jaye!

Check for the paint on the crib. Paints with lead as component, can be toxic for the baby. Similarly, watch out for the decorations. Some of the decorative designs can actually trap your babys head or feet. So be very careful and make a wise choice.

The crib should be sturdy and strong. If it wobbles or shakes, then it is not worth buying.

Take care that the crib is not placed directly under a window. A screen may not be able to prevent the baby from falling out of the window.

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