Serving Right: The Tableware

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Being the foodie that I am, all I can think of is food, dining and wining!!! Continuing with our series of articles on dining, this article will show you how to dress up the dining table with the right kind of china.

Be it a kitty party, or a birthday party, or a formal dinner for your husbands friends; setting the table right is a precursor to a successfully hosted evening. So you need to know how to get your tableware right.

Kiddie Party

Since most people find it difficult to handle their own brats, imagine what a pack of 10-15 kids will do to your house!!! Some kids are messy and other kids are messier. If you want to avoid ending up with broken china all around the dining room, use unbreakable tableware. Prepare the food in advance so that you can be around all through the party. If possible, use paper plates and disposable glasses. If you want to get fancy, unbreakable crockery is available in different shapes, colors and patterns. Choose the one that, you think, would appeal to kids.

A Formal Dinner

Celebrating your husbands promotion? Just Pav-Bhaji wont do! You need to plan an elaborate and lavish event. So the crockery has to be equally elegant and impressive. Opting for glassware or china is your best bet. Even if you dont have a formal dinner set, theres no need to press the panic button. Most departmental stores stock a wide range to suit every budget, style and occasion.

Choose a dinner set with at least 12 plates, four serving bowls (with spoons), 12 small bowls, 12 eating spoons and 12 quarter plates. Dont go for any jazzy designs. Opt for simple colored china or a set with a border. If you plan to use the microwave, your china should be devoid of any gold embellishments.

Always have extra spoons for soups, dessert and for eating the meal. Always provide a set of knives and forks for your guests. Not everyone is comfortable eating with hands or just the spoon. When serving Chinese, keep a set of chopsticks handy. With the advent of Chinese food in our country, many people like to experiment with the chopsticks. (Why are they called that, when they dont really chop anything?)

Tea Party

When its your turn to host the monthly kitty party, or when your friends choose your place to hang out, on a particular evening, keep it informal. Melamine is just right for such occasions. Have at least three large bowls that can be used for serving things like Chole, Noodles, Manchurian, and Pav-Bhaji etc. Having extra plates for eating is always a good idea. That will take care of any uninvited guests who drop by to say hello that evening.

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