Smelling Sexy And Feminine

By First Posted: Apr 27, 2007 Fri 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Shweta is a stunner and is considered one of the hottest girls in college. A figure to die for and a face to match, she can be our next Miss India. But surprisingly, she doesnt get asked out on dates. Well, at least not as often as the other bombs in her college. When she shared this information with her cousin Priya, she was taken aback to know that she smelled. Of course she smelled! She did wear perfume regularly. But wasnt that to make her smell good? How could she smell?

Shweta is not alone in this battle with body badboo. Many people complain of body odor in spite of using perfumes and sprays. No dress up routine is complete with that final dab on the wrists. But a perfume faux pas will only make you smell sweaty and pungent. Go to any shaadi (with over dressed, over jewelleried and over perfumed ladies) and youll see what I mean! So how do you make your perfume work for you?

Never use perfumes to counter sweat. The result of this combination can be a very pungent and strong badboo.

Always store your perfumes in cool, dark and dry places. This will help them retain the khushboo you covet.

Never wear scents if you plan to spend some time in the sun. The ingredients and citrus oils in your scent react adversely to the heat and sunlight.

When shopping for perfumes, choose a cool comfortable place. Evenings are the best time to choose a perfume as your sense of scent is heightened as the bodys reaction to darkness.

Never wear a very strong scent. While you want to smell alluring and sexy, you certainly dont want to smell as if a bottle of perfume crashed on your head! So keep it light and go for a demure scent that lingers on.

To evaluate a perfume, dab a little on your wrist and smell immediately. Blow lightly, wait for a few minutes (to let the scent settle) and sniff again. Dab with a tissue and sniff again.

Repeat the above step for all the perfumes you shortlist.

Now choose your perfume based on all the sniffing you just did.

Rose, Jasmine, Orange, Spicy or Grassy: Choose the one that goes with your personality and smells good on you. Let your perfume be an extension of your persona. Look for the scent that best describes you, and choose wisely. Happy Perfume Hunting!!!

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