Jazz Up That Kitchen

By First Posted: Apr 5, 2007 Thu 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

A kitchen is where we women spend a good part of our lives (willingly or unwillingly). We are encouraged to play house and kitchen when we are kids, while the boys play with cars and planes. Dont we live in such a sexist society? We assume the responsibility of the kitchen after marriage (even if we have a demanding career, mind you). And who likes to cook in a kitchen with cobwebs and dusty old cabinets?

If you are one of those families that eat in the kitchen, or have an open kitchen, the whole family is spending a lot of time in the kitchen. So shouldnt your kitchen be as chic and modern as the rest of your house? After all, your house and your kitchen are an extension of your own personality.

If I have been able to convince you to invest time, money and efforts (yes, that will be the biggest investment: efforts), here are some tips to make the remodeling of your kitchen easier and tidier for the whole family.

The first and the most obvious tip is that you set up a temporary kitchen in another part of the house. Move all the essentials into this temporary kitchen. The temp must be near a water source and should have enough electrical sockets for you to be able to run your appliances.

Next you remove everything that has not been secured with nails. You take away all the decorative pieces, clock, refrigerator, drawers etc.

Plan before you begin the project. Will you be donating the old cabinetry to someone who needs it, or will you be selling it off as scrap to the carpenter? Whatever you decide, you should know where that stuff is going before you take it out.

Disconnect circuits to the area in which you will be working. In older homes, the wiring may have been modified over the years and it might be confusing. If you are unsure, contact an electrician. Never take a chance with electricity! If you plan on upgrading your electrical system and adding new outlets and fixtures, it will be necessary to dismantle all existing outlets and fixtures.

Remove all the bulbs and dismantle all the fittings and fixtures. This needs to be done to keep them clean and tidy. Store all this stuff after packing carefully.

Kitchen remodeling can be a rewarding and satisfying experience by planning right and avoiding the pitfalls.

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