Girls Night Out (Or In)!

By First Posted: Mar 6, 2007 Tue 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:29 AM

A time comes in every womans life (actually every now and then) when she needs a time out from her man and other responsibilities. As long as you are single, you spend most of your free time with your female friends. But all that becomes a distant memory after marriage and the responsibilities it brings.

No Men, Amen!
The solution is a very simple one: an all girls soiree. No husbands, boyfriends, children, parents, in-laws etc just you and your friends. Some women make a pact with their female friends to do an all girls party every month. You can also make such a pact with your friends. You can go Dutch on the expenses or perhaps each of you can play the hostess in rotation.

As you plan the party, it is important to have a theme. If you are planning a night out, you need to plan in advance. You need to find out about the costs and services offered by various restaurants: compare, choose and finally, make reservations. The sooner you make reservations, more the discount you can wheedle out of the restaurant. A romantic/comic/feminist movie could also be a part of a girls night out. Besides dinner, you also need to plan some activities like games etc to keep your friends entertained.

If you are having a girls night in, you again need to plan well in advance and make the necessary arrangements. When planning the menu, keep a balanced approach. Some of your friends may be watching their weight and would cringe at high calorie items on the menu. But on the other hand, there may be some guests who expect something more exciting than soup and salad on the menu! Balance is the keyword here. You could serve a creamy soup, followed by a green salad. The main course could be pasta with veggies, or even traditional North Indian fare. You could also opt for a total South Indian menu. Fruit must be served (as an alternative) with the dessert you serve.

Just having a good dinner is not what a girls night out (or in) should be like. You must plan activities that keep everyone interested. Here are some tips:

Spa Night : Hire a massage therapist for the evening. Treat your guests to facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. Theyll enjoy, relax and will also be grateful. Stock up on various spa products in advance.

Magazine Exchange : Have all your friends bring old magazines/novels that they wish to exchange. You can also tell each of them to read aloud their favorite joke/column/article for everyone. Spread all the magazines/novels on the bed and have everyone pick the ones they want.

Hand Me Downs : We all have clothes that are relatively unworn: they may be ill-fitting, or we dont like the color or there may be some other reason. Have your friends bring such clothes to the party. They can try each others clothes and choose what they like if it fits. If there are some clothes left that nobody wants, you can donate them to a womens charity.

Games :Have every guest write something about one other guest, anonymously, on a piece of paper. Fold all the papers and put in a bowl. Now read out each one, and have your friends try to guess the name of the person described in the paper. Have prizes for the women who make correct guesses.

You can also have fun playing board games with your friends, or even cards.

Movie/TV Shows : Have VCDs of some girlie movies/TV Shows at hand. Pop a lot of corn and you are all set for a cozy evening with your friends.

Problem Discussion : If this is a group of close friends, you can have a discussion of problems within the circle. As one guest shares her problem (related to career/in-laws/marriage/kids/boyfriend etc), others can give advice on how to deal and cope with the problem. Sometimes, just discussing problems with your friends can be therapeutic.

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