Naked parties now a rage in colleges

By First Posted: Feb 4, 2007 Sun 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:25 AM

Naked parties are becoming a part of campus culture and Ivy League colleges are among the many institutions where students dare to bare in the name of fun.

When Yale University student Molly Clark Barol got the invitation, she was reluctant to go. A naked party? Where people stand around in their birthday outfit It sounded awkward. But she quite enjoyed the experience , calling it liberating. She said,It was really low key, kind of just like any other party. Except youre naked.

Yale is one of several Ivy League schools at which naked parties are popular. Ask the partygoers why they attend and they may tell you about releasing academic pressure, self expression or experimentation. But push them a bit more and youll find that when you put 30 or so naked college kids together in a room, the pulse of youthful rebellion runs strong.

Held late in the evening, the parties are usually a last stop after an evening of social revelry. Full of liquid courage, the naked partygoers abandon their coats and their clothes at the door. The guest lists for the smaller parties are usually limited to around 30 or 40 people, and the conversations tend to be more intellectual partygoers claim.

And there are strict rules about touching and gawking. If guests start getting too friendly with each other, theyre asked to leave.
At Harvard, public nudity is a form of stress relief.
Baring it all at a naked party can have its consequences, however. Many students refuse to attend these parties fearing that their professional or political careers may be jeopardized.
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