As I am a Woman.

By First Posted: Jan 30, 2007 Tue 11:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:25 AM

As I am a woman
I balance on the beam
Of the round moon as it wanes,
Exulting in the fullness of my radiance
Resulting in the hollow of my dark

I ride the white crest of the ocean waves,
Rising and falling with the cycle of tides,
Celebrating the power of my formidable might,
Reflecting in the depths of my soul.

I circle the earth with the time of seasons,
Bearing the life that bursts from my womb,
Burying the dead, so, they rest in my tomb,
Feeding the weak to help them grow,
Weeping for the weary who couldnt wait
Till tomorrow.

But the sun will rise again,
This I know,
Surely as it will set.
And the tides will rise again,
Surely as they will fall.

And spring will knock anew, Surely as winter will bid adieu.
This I know, because I am the sun,
The moon, the tide, the earth, the seasons.

This I know for sure,
As I am a woman.

This I know
As I am the Rhythm of Existence.

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