Why Does India Fail Her Children Again and Again?

By First Posted: Sep 12, 2017 Tue 7:29 PM
Why Does India Fail Her Children Again and Again?
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India is a regressive country that focuses on culture and societal growth. However, in this indulgence to make the country a global support and turning towards modernization, what we are forgetting in the meanwhile is how the children in our country are exploited in a regular interval and making us think again and again if we are actually on a path towards growth or self-proclamation with no efforts to save our future.

In India, every day a child is being tortured both physically and mentally. If you see some logged FIRs in nearby police stations the rate of child rape and physical labor at an age below 5 is bloating the pages of police stations. Every day a child is being beaten up brutally and a girl child is forced to sex. Do you think that our children are safe around our protective shield? If you think so make sure your security alarms are not dodging any unseen cruelty that might bother your child in a long run.

Almost every hour, a child in India falls victim to a crime. On an average, 22 crimes against children were reported every day from Delhi that is our capital in 2016, and the number was 25 a day in 2015. If you go with the statistical report, from a three-year-old girl to 13-year-old girl regularly gets brutally raped and it seems the trend is overlapping past data and is exceeding in numbers.

In India, if you see the rate of child labor report, the charts do not look good. The trafficking for domestic help is always on a higher end and people will say the minor as their relative and continue to exploit a small kid from getting an education or any self-initiated dreams. If the child labor bill is ratified with some strong provisions to protect them, it will be more regressive than the existing regulations on the issue and will deprive protection and access to quality education for children.

We as a public of India should make sure that our children do not fall under the radar of being unsafe and we as an individual have to make efforts to make it happen.

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