With Films Like Baahubali Coming from Down South, Can Bollywood Survive for Long?

By First Posted: May 19, 2017 Fri 6:18 PM
With Films Like Baahubali Coming from Down South, Can Bollywood Survive for Long?
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When it comes to movies, people are fascinated by the story line and the fiction it offers. No matter who the actor or the actress is in the movie, if the storyline is not strong it will not support the longevity of the movie in the theaters.

With audiences becoming more united and story focused it is becoming hard for the movie writers to make a script that will both engross money as well as enchant the audiences in the theaters. We are aware of the business that Baahubali 2 did at the Indian box office. The movie being a Telugu movie made no difference to people. The movie got an opening of 132 Cr just in India covering all corners of the country.

So, now the question is for everyone, if a movie like Baahubali coming down from South is offering such a massy effect among the audiences, do you think Bollywood will survive in this race of creativity and storyline?

Well, the movie that survives in the box-office needs special content and creativity that appeals public to see the movie in theaters. No matter which industry a film is from, if the content and marketing are done properly it will create a buzz among the people and will surely get the creditability of its survival.

We have seen movies like Pk, Dangal, 3 idiots, Sultan and many more from Bollywood that has imprinted the effect of entertainment amongst the public. With movies like Baahubali coming into the frame, it will surely give tough competition to the movies of Bollywood to improvise more to compete in the race of entertainment and promotions.


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