How To Choose Jewelry According to Shape of Your Face

By First Posted: May 18, 2017 Thu 12:44 AM
How To Choose Jewelry According to Shape of Your Face
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Women just love jewelry, possibly more than we love men! But very often we find women wearing jewelry that doesn't do much for their looks. Sometimes we spend a fortune on a set of earrings, only to find that it does not get us the attention and compliments that we had hoped it would! It is very easy for us to criticise other women for their unflattering jewelry, but difficult to choose the right pieces for ourselves! This is simply because not every piece of jewelry is meant for everyone. When you by jewelry, you must first see whether it goes well with the shape of your face!

How to Buy Jewelry According to Shape of Your Face

Round Face: Go for long and thin earrings to make the face appear longer and slimmer. Geomatrical shapes like V or I is best to reduce the curvy appearance of a round face. If looking for a necklace, go for something that forms a V shape by adding a pendant to it. Layered V shaped necklaces work great with round faces.

Inverted Triangle or Heart Shaped Face: These faces have a narrow chin and a broad forehead. To balance out the effect of narrow chin, go for chunky earrings or short and chunky necklaces. Collar necklaces work very well with these face shapes.

Oblong or Rectangular Face: These faces have more length and less width. To balance out, we need something that makes the face appear wider. Go for short necklaces with wide curves, big circular pendants are a great choice for this face type. Short stud earrings are a better choice for these face types rather than long ones.

Triangle and Square Face: These faces have a strong wide jawline. To balance it out, choose long earrings and long necklaces. Linear jewelry will add length and balance out the wide jaw.

Oval and Diamond Face: These faces have more length than width. Wearing long earrings or necklaces will mke the faces appear even longer. So go for short to mid length earrings will work well , avoid anything that goes under the jawline. When choosing a necklace, go for shorter necklaces, rectangular pendants if you want them.

This guide will help you buy jewelry that gets you more compliments for your taste and style!

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