What Would It Mean if Rajinikanth Were to Enter Politics?

By First Posted: May 17, 2017 Wed 7:15 PM
What Would It Mean if Rajinikanth Were to Enter Politics?
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The mega star Rajinikanth is someone who is ruling the Indian film industry for more than three decades now. The star has always been open about his views in public and has been respected by almost every individual of our nation.

When will Rajinikanth enter politics? Which political party will he join and support? These questions have been there in media for decades now. The mega blockbuster movie star has never given his opinion on these thoughts.

Once Ramaswamy compared Rajni with Narendra Modi, saying that the film star would make a good CM because, like Modi, he ‘follows the principles of the Mahabharat’.
“Rajnikanth is a good administrator. If he enters politics and becomes the chief minister, he will take Tamil Nadu towards prosperity”
If the mega star enters into politics, he will win by a record margin and will not be settled less than a post of Chief Minister. His one finger is much enough to get 234 seats.

The man who has made his career by making big budget movies and has pushed South film industry on top of the charts when it comes to entertainment business likes to remain silent on delicate political issues. The star would prefer to be a mega star by making movies to entertain us then to give political views that may or may not go well with local masses.

Even though if Rajinikanth enters into politics it will only increase his followers. But for now, let the star make movies for us to get entertain. The star has always said that he is not interested in entering politics. Let’s give him his space of stardom.

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