Is Minimalism the Way to a Sustainable Future?

By First Posted: Mar 19, 2017 Sun 11:16 PM
Is Minimalism the Way to a Sustainable Future?
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Do you ever worry about the future of humanity? You are not alone! Many people think about what kind of world, and what kind of planet are we going to leave behind for our children, and their children after them. The way we are going, our planet is in a state of imbalance. From pollution to climate change, we are changing the earth and not for the better! As the human race fights for our limited resources, there is a group of men and women who are going in for minimalism - just so that there is more left for the generations to come!

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is simply a way of life that does not comprise owning many things. Minimalists have very few possessions. They have smaller houses, more free space, more time and a freedom from fear of losing wordly possessions. More importantly, the minimalists leave a very minimal carbon footprint as compared to everybody else!

How to be a Minimalist?

Start by freeing up space around you. You need to be really cruel when you start culling your possessions. From excess makeup to excess kitchen items to a very excessive wardrobe, you can start culling possessions anywhere! You can feel good about the culling process by donating all the excess stuff you own to people who really need these things. Slowly you will realise that you can live a wholesome life with a very few possessions. You will even find yourself not tempted by goods on display in stores any more. Once you get used to a minimalist life, you will enjoy it and even take pride in it.

But minimalism is not for everyone. If you feel attracted to the idea, you need to read up more about it, watch some documentaries and possibly speak to some poeple, in order to gain a better understanding of what minimalism is all about. 

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