Can food put you in a bad mood?

By First Posted: Sep 20, 2016 Tue 1:02 PM Updated: Aug 12, 2017 Sat 7:33 AM
Can food put you in a bad mood?
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It''s a bit strange to understand that even food that we take in our regular interval can cause frustration and mood swings. Many of you may not agree to the fact that food can actually cause a lot of distress and unwilling outcomes, but it is true.

We all know the significance of eating healthy is to repute our physical well-being, but it is also imperative to preserve in mind our mental health when choosing what we consume. Certain foods can trigger resentment, constrain mental perception, even underwrite to serious cerebral disorders. All parts of our body are connected and it is as necessary to make head-healthy adoptions as it is to make heart-healthy ones.

It is conceivable that even when we contemplate that we are assembling healthy choices, we are eating foods that subsidize to bad moods. Thus it is a vital need to actually analyse what we intake and in what quantity. One should be concerned while taking sugar, omega-6 fatty acids and additives when going for meals. Nuts are good for health but too much consumption is not good for health as it has high level of sodium and may also contain MSG. Too much caffeine consumption during day time may even cause headache and irritability.  

It is important that one should resist any food items to reduce unnecessary mood swings and frustration. Staying healthy is more important than good taste and unhealthy consumptions. There's plenty of research proving the food-mood connection as well—partaking regularly on the wrong menu can coil you into real misery. Here, the top offenders:

  • ·         Refined carbohydrates
  • ·         Artificial sweeteners
  • ·         Sugar
  • ·         Trans fats
  • ·         Processed foods 

The diet we take in regular interval can really cause a lump sum strain in mind and body. It is important and a stipulation to eat healthy and stay healthy.






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