Acid Attack Victim Walks the Ramp in NY

By First Posted: Sep 12, 2016 Mon 10:39 AM Updated: Sep 12, 2016 Mon 10:40 AM
Acid Attack Victim Walks the Ramp in NY
Image Credit: timeslive

Beauty is something that cannot be preserved but explored. There are situations when we feel low and less confident on ourselves due to some not so fortunate events that we had experienced on our past. The recent buzz on media corners is about the recent fashion show that took place in New York. The New York Fashion Week on Thursday was also walked by Reshma Qureshi a 19 year old acid attack survivor from India. Reshma Qureshi a victim of acid attack dazzled the ramp and was the main attention to the crowd at the Fashion Week in NY.

Reshma Qureshi, 19, brushed off anxiety to gait the airstrip like a pro in an astonishing emulsion and floral floor-length robe by Indian designer Archana Kochhar on the first official day of New York Fashion Week. The show was a great success and also helped Reshma to build up her strength and confidence to a very next level. Reshma Qureshi, who made her runway debut on Thursday, survived an acid attack in India that blinded one of her eyes and disfigured her face two years ago but never broke her confidence and self esteem. On the recent media interaction in NY she told that “I want to tell the world — do not see us in a weak light and see that even we can go out and do things,”

The fashion show was a beam light to many such people who were in somehow got entangled as a victim to such monstrous embezzlement. Reshma Qureshi a brave survivor is an example to the world that everything is possible irrespective to what situation we prevail in. The NY fashion show was a real treat to all audiences and media and a real breakthrough from all stereotype people.


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