Organic Isn't Always Better!

By First Posted: Sep 2, 2016 Fri 4:25 AM
Organic Isn't Always Better!
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There is a magic word that multiplies the sale of any item it is placed next to. We are talking of "organic". Young and educated people are especially attracted by the tag "organic" and believe they will be as healthy as much money they spend on going organic. They are not completely wrong. In the modern era of gross misuse of pesticides by farmers, going organic is indeed a way to be healthier. When you buy organic produce, you pay a lot more for it because it was farmed without the use of toxic pesticides.

But it isn't true that organic is always better. There are many produce items that need not be bought organic.

- Onions, for instance, are not much bothered by pests. Onions are in fact grown in a garden to drive away pests. So farmers don't usually treat an onion crop with pesticides anyway. Why waste money on organic onions?

- Pineapples have been given a thick scaly covering by nature. This thick skin protects the fruit from any toxic material it is treated with. So it is safe to eat the pineapple even when it has been exposed to pesticides.

- Corn is another crop which guards itself against all chemicals etc very efficiently. Those layers of leaves surrounding the pearly corn protect you from pesticides too!

- Sweet Potatoes or Regular Potatoes are another item that does not require you to buy organic. These are after all the roots of the plants. It is unlikely they have any chemicals sitting on them!

- Peas come in pods and shelling them seems like such a big task. But these pods protect you against pesticide exposure. So you don't ever need to buy organic peas!

This list will give you an idea of what things are good to buy organic and what are not. If the item you are looking to buy has a thick skin, outer layer or shell that is discarded, you don't need to buy organic.

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