Get Artsy With Those Lips!

By First Posted: Aug 13, 2016 Sat 1:14 PM Updated: Jul 14, 2017 Fri 7:20 AM
Get Artsy With Those Lips!
Image Credit: Up Socl

There was a time when everyone just painted their nails red or pink or purple. Then someone thought of getting more creative and invented nail art. Soon Nail Art studios mushroomed all over the world in malls and town centres. A similar thing seems to be in store for lips.

We have been applying the same 5-10 odd shades of lipstick every day, painting them red or pink or purple. When we got too experimental and bold, we outlined them purple and filled them in pink. That's where the experimentation with lips ended...till now. 

Lip art is actually a thing and has taken over Instagram. Many people are painting their lips in new and super creative ways. Lip art is inspired from the animal world, culinary world, festivals, fairy tales...and just about anything else you can imagine. Just look at these gorgeous lips in the picture. Would you want to try something like this  on your face? A more valid question is whether these lips will ever venture out in real life, or will this trend die a natural death on Instagram?

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