Introduce Your Children To Healthy Cooking With Sandwiches

By First Posted: Aug 12, 2016 Fri 12:56 AM
Introduce Your Children To Healthy Cooking With Sandwiches
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What are the two things parents want for their kids when it comes to their meals? We want our children to eat healthy and wholesome food, and we want them to be more independent when it comes to meal times. Nobody likes running after their kids with a bowl of cereal in hands, looking for an opportunity to push one spoonful down the child's throat! But with the advent of technology, children are more distracted when they eat and don't really focus on enjoying their meals. They are neither independent nor involved  in meals!

This is where we think sandwiches can help!

Sandwiches are easy to make. With a little support, you can even teach a four year old to make her own sandwich. When she does that, she will feel more involved in the choice of fillings for her sandwich and is more likely to eat it with enjoyment. The icing on the cake is that sandwiches can be as healthy as you want them to be!

Teaching little children to make sandwiches is easy. The first thing to do is keep your fridge stocked with all the required materials. You need breads (variety is good), spreads (at least two options - cheese spread, mayo, peanut butter, butter, jelly, hummus etc) and stuffings (chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, green leaves, potato tikki, grilled cheese, boiled egg etc). If you have all these things stocked in the fridge (according to what your little one likes), you just need to show her how to assemble the sandwich of her dreams!

As your children get older and more responsible, you can show them how to grill the sandwich, toast the bread, fry an egg etc.

Is'nt this a really cool way to make sure your child enjoys making and enjoying a healthy meal?

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