Skinny Jeans Can Be Dangerous!

By First Posted: Jul 19, 2016 Tue 12:26 PM
Skinny Jeans Can Be Dangerous!
Image Credit: Khoobsurati

When we see a sexy model sporting tight jeans, the word that instantly pops into our heads is "hot". Yes, skinny jeans look super sexy and this is why we all want to wear them. Lots of women have taken to wearing skinny jeans on a regular basis, and one such woman from Australia had to spend 4 days in the hospital because of her skinny jeans.

In an article published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, an incident was brought to light that will shock you. A 35 year old woman in Australia had a harrowing experience with wearing tight jeans. She was wearing skinny jeans and squatting on the floor as she cleaned cupboards. She felt her legs go numb, which caused her to trip and fall. She could not move for many hours and had to be taken to the hospital. Her tight jeans and squatting position had caused her legs to swell up. Her jeans had to be cut off to be taken off her body. She suffered from the compartment syndrome, which causes swelling and loss of blood supply to nerves. This unfortunate woman had to spend four days in the hospital just because she liked her jeans to be tight!

Tight clothes that squash your pelvic area can cause numbness and tingling in the outer thigh due to compression of nerves. Men who wear tight jeans can end up with twisted testicles and even a low sperm count! The tight clothes cause a lot of sweating, which promotes bacterial or fungal growth, thereby increasing risk of infections.

Wearing tight skinny jeans for a few hours on certain occassions if fine, but if you choose to wear them as a regular attire, you are putting your own health at risk.

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