Marriage Is Not A Compulsion!

By First Posted: Jan 19, 2016 Tue 3:04 AM
Marriage Is Not A Compulsion!
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Ritika turned 31 last week. She did not really celebrate her birthday, because her family has all but disowned her. Her parents and her elder brother just cannot understand why Ritika doesn't get married. After all, all decent girls marry in early twenties and Ritika is already late by almost a decade! Her family has tried to hook her up with many guys but she has refused them all. She says she just doesn't want to marry and this has broken up the once well knit family. Ritika doesn't mind the questions and intrusive discussions of friends, colleagues and relatives. But not having any family support has sent her into depression.

Do you think that getting married is necessary?

Here are five reasons why you should rethink this social norm. Getting married should be a choice, and not a compulsion. Here's why:

1. A person with no marital responsibilities can focus on their career with full force. Such people can achieve a lot professionally and this can bring a lot of satisfaction and joy.

2. Not getting married means never having to make any compromises in personal life. It means there will never be anybody to answer to.

3. If you don't meet anyone you want to spend the rest of our life with, you can still have a family of your own. Single parent adoptions are on the rise and seem to be a viable solution for people who don't want to marry.

4. Sometimes people feel that they cannot sustain a relationship or a commitment due to various reasons. Is it not better to not marry at all, rather than to marry and divorce within a year.

5. Getting married is a big commitment. You have to make many sacrifices and accept each other (and the families) without complaining. For women especially, it means changing the whole way of life and adapting to a new family. Don't blame the women who don't want to make this commitment.

On a lighter note, not getting married also means never having to deal with in-laws!

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