First Time Sex: Doubts and Questions

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First Time Sex: Doubts and Questions
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Sex is no more a big deal for the young generation. Losing virginity is as casual an affair as dumping a pair of jeans. But inspite of this casual attitude towards sex, young girls still worry about many things before they commit the act of sex for the very first time. They have a long list of questions and doubts which need to be answered in order to promote safe sex practice. So here are a few questions answered.

Questions and Doubts About Losing Virginity

1. Is it very painful? 

When the hymen is broken, there is bound to be some pain. But if you are well lubricated, it need not be too much.

2. Does size matter?

Many women think that a big sized penis delivers big orgasms. But this is just a myth. Size does not really matter!

3. Who makes the first move?

There is no rule here! Make the first move if you feel like it, or just wait for him if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself.

4. Orgasming...

You may not get there the very first time, but it will get better and better with every time you do it.

5. Should I fake one?

Naah! Men understand that orgasming takes more time for women. Just help him by telling him what turns you on and off. You will get to the big O without having to fake it.

6. Is it like the porn movies?

Nothing in those movies is real, neither the boobs nor the orgasms! So don't compare your real experiences with those reel ones!

7. How long will it last?

Many women anticipate the act to go on for a long time. But the truth is that sometimes it finishes before you even realise it started! Don't expect the moon!

8. Do I need condoms?

Even if you think you won't get pregnant coz you are not ovulating, you must use condoms anyway. Condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and also prevent Sexually Tranmitted Diseases.

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