Why Women Are Attracted To Married Men...

By First Posted: Jun 6, 2014 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Dec 14, 2017 Thu 2:56 AM
Why Women Are Attracted To Married Men...
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Remember "My Best Friend's Wedding"? The girl is all best-friendy with the guy till she realizes he is committed to someone else. Suddenly she wants him for herself! This isn't just a film, many guys will vouch for the truthfulness in this situation. It's like women just find married/committed men irrestible. But why?

- One reason is that people aspire for things that are out of their reach. Naturally guys committed to other women are an attractive option, one that is also out of reach!

- An important reason why she wants her sister's/friend's boyfriend is that she has heard exxagerated good things about him. She has not heard much about his failings. This is coz we gals like to boast about how amazing our men are in every possible way!

- We like to compete! So if a guy is committed to someone else, we don't mind the challenge and enjoy rising upto it.

- Another possible reason is that a woman can have a sordid affair with a married man without having to worry about the emotional aspect. If a woman just wants to have an affair, married men are the safest bet!

Any other reasons you can think of?

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