Dealing With A Divorce

By First Posted: Feb 26, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 13, 2017 Wed 8:12 AM
Dealing With A Divorce
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Aradhya seperated from her husband Sahil more than a year ago. Their divorce is almost final now. But as the time to cut ties permanently draws close, Aradhya is finding herself a bundle of nerves. She is starting to wonder all over again if she made the right decision. How will she live alone? How will she manage finances? How will she bring up her little son?

Dealing with a Divorce...

A divorce is something that cannot be easy for anyone. After all, how can you just forget about someone you have shared your life with? This is an extremely painful time for both the partners. Issues like alimony, division of assets etc make it an even more trying time and build enimosity between the partners. Naturally, one is completely drained by the time a divorce is finalised. The attitude towards life and people changes, one becomes pessimistic too. But if you take care of a few things, you can be happy and whole again!

- The most urgent thing is to get a grip on all your finances. After the alimony has been paid, and the assets have been divided, make sure you know everything about your finances. Hire a professional to help you invest all your money in sensible instrumnets.

- Take care of your costs. With one income less, the expenses will need to be cut down too!

- Keep doing things you enjoy, even without your spouse. Go to the movies, theatre, parks etc. Take your friends or siblings or even children with you for an outing every now and then.

- Make new friends. Just because one relationship came to an end, life doesn't have to stop! If possible, move to a new city and start afresh.

- If possible, bury the hatchet and end the enimosity with your ex-spouse. If you have friendly relations, it becomes easier to bring up your children and they don't have to be denied the love of a parent.

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