Do Your Facebook Friends Really LIKE You?

By First Posted: Feb 20, 2012 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 12, 2017 Tue 5:56 AM
Do Your Facebook Friends Really LIKE You?
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Facebook has become such a big part of everyone's lives that it is high time you started to learn some etiquette of social networking. You might think that people hit the "like" button coz they love your posts. But hey, maybe they are just being polite. Read on to find out whether you fall into the category of people who need basic online etiquette training.

Nobody Likes You on FB If....

1. You are forever angry. Facebook is not a medium to vent your frustration. Angry at a fellow driver who almost caused an accident, don't tell FB. Angry with the government? Angry with the system? Angry with the world? Keep it to yourself or share it with like minded people who want to hear about REAL life. Stop abusing FB as a punching bag.

2. You are the proud new mom who thinks her baby makes the earth go round the sun. Yes, having a baby might have changed your world and your life forever. We  understand you are happy and want to share your joy. But hey, think about it. Do you really believe all 300 of your FB friends want to hear about every hiccup, every tooth, every sneeze, ever word and every gesture? Sorry to break your heart, but it is only your close friends and family who might care. For others, it's just too uninteresting. So stop posting about your baby's every move.

3. You are about to get married and want the world to do a countdown with you. Again, not everyone cares so much. Share your happiness with the people who really care. Don't bore all your FB friends with insane details about the months leading to the D-Day!

4. You are a couple who can't get enough of each other. Awwwwww, so cute! But please take your love to the bedroom. Stop posting messages like "Miss you" or "Love you" every hour. The world knows you love your partner. They don't need an hourly reminder. If your partner does, give it to him/her personally!

5. You like saying witty things, but can't think of any. So do you copy witty quotes and post them? Once in a while it's ok. But if you do this every day, you are fooling nobody but yourself. Believe me, all your friends have read/heard these quotes already. Stop giving them daily proof of your own lack of wit and intelligence.

6. You live well, and the world must know! Believe it or not, people think of you as a bragger. If you blow up a lot of money on one night of celebration with your partner, keep it to yourself. Nobody will respect you for bragging on FB and NOBODY (worth impressing) is impressed with such bragging either.

So know that you know what not to do on FB, have a think about what you should do on FaceBook.

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