What's Wrong With Being Fat?

By First Posted: Feb 17, 2012 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Jan 8, 2016 Fri 5:21 AM
What's Wrong With Being Fat?
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If you are overweight, you can't help being angry. Obese people are angry at the world because it makes fun of them, and they are angry at themselves for being fat. But why is it so bad to be fat? What is wrong with being fat?

Being Fat Is Not Wrong Because....

If you think that it is wrong to be fat because you look bad, then you are wrong. If it worries you that you will be made fun of, then stop worrying. Confident and independent people do not care about what the world thinks or says.

Being Fat Is Wrong Because....

The real reason why it is not good to be fat is that it affects your health in a very bad way. Everyone knows that obese people are at an extended risk of diabetes, stroke, hypertension and heart disease. But here are a few things you probably did not know:

1. Obese people have poor skin, nails and hair.
2. Obesity starts affecting eye sight after a few years.
3. Obesity has a very adverse effect on sex lives of both men and women.
4. Obesity has an alarmingly high effect on male/female fertility.
5. Obesity puts you at risk of various cancers.
6. Obese people are prone to acidity, which can even lead to oesophagal cancer.

BAsically, obesity ruins your health completely. THIS is why it is wrong to be fat and this is why you should be trying to lose weight!

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