Does Bulk Buying Really Save Your Money?

By First Posted: Jul 1, 2011 Fri 9:35 AM Updated: Oct 9, 2017 Mon 6:33 AM
Does Bulk Buying Really Save Your Money?
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If you have read economics, you have probably heard of the term "economies of scale". Basically what this term means is that as the number of units goes up, the cost of production goes down. So sellers exploit this funda to sell more and more of their product.

When you see the sign "Unbelievable Discounts" or "Super Deals", this is exactly what you are going to find. You buy more of a product and it shall come cheaper. On the face of it, this seems like an honest deal. Real economics at work! but if you dig in a little deeper, you will find that it is not exactly a "super saver deal" for you.

Let's take an example. If you buy a pack of cookies for Rs. 30, you will jump at an offer to buy a big box of 10 such packs at Rs. 200. You make a saving of Rs. 100 on that box. But think about it, how long will it take for you to get bored of eating the same cookies every day? Moreover, if not finished within a few days, the cookies will not even remain edible coz they will spoil. So either you will force yourself to eat more cookies than you normally do, in order to finish them up. Or you will throw the last few packs away. Or you may give away a few packs to your domestic help. In either case, did you really save any money? If you did (first scenario) you also gained a little weight due to eating more than you eat normally.

Think about it. Before you fall prey to such marketing gimmicks, take a few moments to evaluate the offers and deals and then decide whether they are really worth your money.


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